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We love our phones, but do our phones love us back? Inspired in part by the surrealist melting clocks of Dali, this series is a response to our collective infatuation with cell phones. Each photograph attempts to highlight the ever-growing ways in which we use our devices to satisfy human needs, the warped organic curves characterizing the absurdity of trying to find love, friendship, or meaning through a phone. In this age of techno-crack, how can a human being compete with the warm phone in your palm that feeds you notification-love, that lights your face with its glow, that rests beside you at night and wakes you in the morning? Will our love for phones continue to grow, until we become joined as one in some technological super-union? And will we forget about the humans on the other side of the screen?


This series was made with an Epson v600 flatbed scanner, in which the phone-in-hand was moved across the plane of the scanner to create the physical distortion and chromatic dispersion, and was created without the use of photoshop manipulation.

How I love my phone <3

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